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Hillcrest Medical Associates has been operating in Hinton Alberta since 1984 and is located on Jasper Street, near Highway 16. Our medical and office staff welcome you to Hillcrest Medical Associates. This website provides an overview of the clinic and answers to common questions. If you have any further questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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We want to ensure that our patients find our clinic to be both professional and comfortable. We believe that the following things will assist in providing a positive atmosphere.

  • Please be mindful of your children - our staff members are focused on providing good health care and are not able to supervise your children.
  • Please arrive several minutes early for your appointment and call at least two hours before your appointment time if you need to cancel. (see FAQs for more information)
  • Please leave dirty or wet footwear in the reception area or outside the examining rooms.
  • Please turn your cell phone off when you are in the examining rooms.
  • All patients, staff and doctors are to be treated with respect.
Hillcrest Physicians participate in the "on call" roster at the Hinton General Hospital. As such, after hours inquiries should be directed to the hospital at 865-3333.